An Ode to the Elephant in the Room

You are big.

You are different.

You scare me.

You take up space.

You have tusks.

You could trample me.

You could take me out with your trunk.

You scare me.

I look away.

I tiptoe around you.

I want to feel safe.

I appease.

I make concessions.

I feed you.

I neglect to name you.

I am afraid.

We occupy the same space.

We dance around each other.

We scare each other, each in our own way.

We do not speak, at least not in words.

We keep our distance.

We normalize our relationship.

We say it’s just the way things are.

We numb ourselves.

We occupy the same space.

We are scared.

We make our worlds smaller.

We want to feel safe.

We don’t know how.

We hurt each other.

We pretend it doesn’t matter.

You have power.

I have power.

We have power.

You are the elephant.

I am the elephant.

We are the elephant.

What shall we name the elephant in the room?