O Lord of goodness and mercy, our people are killing each other in their homes, in the streets, in the workplace, in schools, in churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples. Dear Lord, is there no sacred place left to praise your holy names?

O Lord of endless compassion, too many of our neighbors are hungry and thirsty. They have no homes to shelter them from heat and cold and raging storms. Too many of our brothers, sisters, and cousins, are imprisoned, held in a system that profits from their incarceration. Too many of our kindred travelers on this planet earth are fleeing from violent oppression, running for their lives only to be turned away by those who could provide safe refuge. Dear Lord, we have strayed from our sacred teachings.

O Lord of wisdom and truth, our leaders are besieged by fear, torn by politics of division and polarization, caught in the trap of greed, privileging a few while the multitudes go wanting, selling their souls and our grand children’s future, all in the name of profit.

O Lord of our broken hearts, hear our cry. Our precious planet, the one and only home we have, is being plundered and polluted, spoiled and exploited. Our beloved animal kingdom is dwindling. Species are becoming extinct in alarming numbers. We fear that we may be among them.

Dear Lord, we know that we are being punished by our willful ignorance, for allowing ourselves to slip into denial of what is happening, for failing to change our habits of mindless consumption. We have turned away from the face of the holy and profaned the very sources of our existence.

Turn us again, O Lord, to that which is worthy of our adoration and praise.

Let us bow down and worship the waters of life, the vast and pounding oceans, the swiftly flowing rivers, the still ponds and deep lakes, the falling rain, the frozen snows, the melting glaciers and icebergs.

Let us bow down and worship the fruits of life, the amber waves of grain, the abundant orchards and vineyards, farms and gardens.

Let us bow down and worship the fish and the fowl and the animals of slaughter whose flesh feeds our own flesh.

Let us bow down and worship all the elements, the air that fills our lungs and gives us life, the sun that warms our days and grows our food, the earth that holds and sustains this life that we cherish.

Let us bow down and worship the great mystery beyond these gifts of life.

Let us bow down and worship the creative processes from which they come and let us name them God.

Dear God, may the truth of our lamentations lead us through the ashes of despair and into the promise of hope. May we be called once again to the hearth of community where the fire of commitment to our common covenant of love and service burns steady, bright, and true.

Let us remember that we need not carry the burdens of the world on our shoulders alone nor do we ask any single comrade to carry them for us.

Together we are able to bear what no one of us alone could do.