Spirit of Life and Spirit of Love:

Today is an Interfaith Day of Prayer for the people of Standing Rock. We join those in North Dakota at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in lifting our prayers.

We pray for the native people

who stand the ground of their home land,

protecting the water and sacred burial sites.

We pray for their ancestors

who walked the land before them,

handing down their sacred ways.

We pray for all the native people throughout the land,

called from the four winds,

called to unanimity,

called to solidarity.

We pray for all people of faith who answered the call

to Standing Rock

to stand in unity and in prayer.

We pray for all our Unitarian Universalist clergy and lay people

who are putting their faith into action

by showing up

to work and provide witness.

We pray for all the veterans

who stand as peaceful warriors,

guardians of cherished rights

of free speech and peaceful assembly.

We pray for all who gather at Standing Rock this day.

May they find courage, strength, resolve,

and a deep will to uphold the flourishing of all life

on our beautiful planet Earth.

We pray for the police and the security guards

that they may find the heart to feel

and the eyes to see the suffering of their human siblings.

May they repent. May their repentance be met with mercy.

May they seek and find forgiveness.

May they know the meaning of compassion.

We pray for all the elected officials: the sheriff, the governor, and the president

that they may find the wisdom

to rule on behalf of the common good,

honoring the promises and protections of treaties

with the first people of this land.

We pray for all those who profit

from the steady flow of oil

and all those complicit in ensuring its steady demand

that together we may turn toward sustainable ways of living.

We pray for ourselves

that the spirit among us

will move us to live gently and humbly upon this earth,

to walk with reverence for all of life,

and to live with purpose and presence

so that future generations may do the same.

In the name of all that is good and right and true, we pray.